The Masters degree in Industrial Management and Logistics Systems MS MISL (for its french acronym Mastère Spécialisé Management Industriel et Systèmes Logistiques) at MINES ParisTech is a postgraduate program that aims to develop knowledge in the fields of operations and supply chain management. Our students are to become experts in enhancing integration and performance within design, production and logistics.

Most of the lectures and materials are in French, as a result full proficiency in French is required.

Objectives of the program

The MS MISL aims to train high-potential young graduates and experienced executives. By engaging on academic excellence, field experience and personalized support, the MISL graduates are capable experts that :

  • understand the global industrial issues taking into account technical, economic and social criteria;
  • master the methodological and operational bases of operations management and supply chain;
  • formalize and model the flow and constraints associated to complex industrial and logistic systems;
  • critically and rigorously analyze  new approaches, tools and organizational practices.